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4 Easy Planting Tips To Make Your Plants Grow Better

4 Easy Planting Tips To Make Your Plants Grow Better

We’ve all been there, being a new plant parent, we always get excited into seeing our plants grow bigger and better. After all, growing plants better involves these different steps of proper care, just like taking care a human baby.

Learn more strategies to make your plant grow better, live healthier and longer.


Good soil. Just like how building for a home is critical, a healthy soil acts like a foundation for plants by supporting the plant. It acts as a pantry for plants, storing and cycling essential nutrients and minerals that plant needs to grow. That's why we've specially created our own potting mix that's best for your herbs and vegetables. One that's complete with all the nutrients your plant babies need, from compost, carbonized rice hulls, peat moss and more. Take a look here



Pick a suitable location. The plant you are growing will determine where it should be placed. For instance, most vegetables like pechay or spinach from our seed starter kits would rather have a morning sun and in a shaded area during the rest of the day. Other vegetables like our Chili, Tomato and Eggplants from our Urban Garden Starter Pack, would rather be exposed to sunlight the whole day, the growing vegetables need full sun to kick-start photosynthesis.



Give them fertilizers. Like humans who need vitamins, plants also need it. An all-purpose fertilizers can be used on all plants. To make plants grow better, what you need to do is supply the elements that plants need in readily available forms and that is the goal of fertilizer. (We recommend used crushed eggshells for calcium and used coffee grounds for nitrogen for starters)



Water you plants sufficiently. Water is vital for the life and survival of all plants. Plants use water to dissolve minerals and nutrients from the soil surrounding the root system and carry it up through the stems and leaves which really help better their growth. Water them once or twice a day (depending on Metro Manila's heat) If your plant babies' soil is still moist or wet, don't water them yet, wait for the soil to completely dry out before watering your plant babies. 


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